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torirĂ³ said...

the food apears very ......


Barbecue Bachelor said...

I took Shashi's class a few weeks ago and had a blast. I highly recommend taking her class if you are in Udaipur. She is a fantastic cook and a complete pleasure to be around. I wish her the best of luck. You can view pictures of my class here. Best of luck to you Shashi! And thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Rachel Thomson-Wright said...

After 4 months of travel and a thousand amazing experiences, Shashi's class tops the list. TAKE THIS CLASS! The food is fabulous and Shashi is an amazing woman. Being invited into her home and taught such delicious recipes was a privilege and honour.

Monica y Xavi said...

We are from Spain and we travelled India last September. Shashi cooking classes it´s one of the best things that we did in India.
Shashi is kind, good teacher and an interesting person.
If you can, you should do these classes, you spend 4 amusing hours in her house learning cooking and then you can eat all that you cooked, all delicious.
Thank you very much Shashi, you are a wonderful person!!

Lisa said...

I have photos I would like to add to this site - anyone know how to?

Brill cookery class!

elodie said...

Please help us!
We have been to Udaipur 2months ago and had a great time at Sashi's cooking class! She is a fantastic woman and a fabulous cook. But we have been stolen on an overnight train from Varanasi to Kolkata and in my bags were the recipes.
Could someone be able to send us the recipes either in english or in french...we miss the chiken butter masala ;)

thank you so much

Nanou said...

I'm currently with a friend advising her all the places she should stop on her trip to india. just arrived to the cooking classes tips hesitation ; Shashi !!!!! just amazingly good food, you are such a wonderful woman who shaked me telling me about your tough life. couldn't even eat all of what we cooked. so gooooood. go for it and say hello to shashi from Anne the french girl who she also gave an ayurvedic massage before Diwali 2008.

atit said...

Dear Lisa,
We created this Blog for Shashi, but gave the password to her son, that was studying informatics at that time. So, unfortunately, we can not help anymore.
But is very nice to see every year, nice comments about this wonderfull woman, Shashi.
I wish to everyone a unforgettable time.

Anonymous said...

I took Sashi's cooking class in late 2009. I had the most brilliant time. All the food we made was fantastic and Sashi is such a great teacher. Ever since getting back to Australia I have been cooking the food that we made for everyone. I can't recomend Sashis Cooking Classes highly enough. Being invited into Sashis home and hearing her stories was a truly humbling experience. She really is an amazing strong and caring woman and on top of that a whizz in the kitchen. If you are thinking about taking a cooking class in India I highly recommend including Udaipur and Sashi in your travels.
Thank you Sashi.

Courtney, Australia

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I will be in Udaipur in July and would like to take Shashi's class. When do I need to reserve it and what is the best way to contact her? Thank you, Jackie

Gypsy1967 said...

Cooking classes is something I always try to "hunt out" when travelling. I find it extremely rewarding, learning how to cook recipes in the country from where they originate. I was delighted to discover Udaipur offers quite a range of cooking classes. In October 2009, we took two different classes (the other was Spice Box), but for us personally, Shashi Cooking Classes were by far the more superior.

Shashi is a positively delightful woman and her face constantly radiates a warm smile. She welcomes travellers into her private home where she passionately demonstrates her talented and creative art of cooking. Shashi's kitchen is relatively compact and she therefore prefers to teach 2 people at a time. She will teach 3 or 4 people together, but space doesn't permit her accommodating greater numbers. Small classes ensures it is very personal and intimate; a definite "plus" for the overall experience! Shashi's classes are very "hands-on"; we were expected to chop, mix, stir, kneed and cook various dishes, all under her watchful eye. We were given a recipe book, which we followed and jotted notes as we worked our way through the preparations. You get to keep the recipe book, so you can re-create the dishes back home! We prepared 14 dishes, over approximately 5 hours, and left with extremely full stomaches; yes, we got to eat our creations! What a gastronomic feast!!

Shashi shared with us her personal life story, by way of explaining how the concept of her business first began. It would be inappropriate for me to discuss such personal matters on this Forum, but I would be astounded if anyone had a dry eye after hearing her story! Shashi's determination to survive, and her willingness to work extremely hard (so she could provide for her two boys), is an absolute credit to her. When Shashi first began her cooking classes, she didn't speak a word or English. She prepared a list of ingredients (written in Hindi) and with the assistance of fellow travellers she had the English name for each ingredient written beside the Hindi name. Through determination she memorised every English word on her list, and so began Shashi Cooking Classes. Shashi now speaks English very well and is easy to understand. Definitely no language barrier! Over the years, travellers have helped her to translate her recipe book into many different languages; English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc, etc.

Overall, Shashi's Cooking Classes are an amazing experience! They are certainly not the "sterile experience" of a cooking studio. Instead, it is an extremely warm and gratifying experience with a kind, sincere and inspirational woman in her family home. You leave feeling like you have known her a lifetime, even though you have been in her company for just 5 hours!

Donskisjot said...

I took Shashi's cooking course a week ago, and it is really an amazing experience one should do while visiting Udaipur!

One might even make a special detour for this, because I agree with previous posts - this course is an absolute highlight in India!!!!

The food is delicious, Shashi is a great and inspiring person and we all had a fantastic evening getting insight into what "Incredible India" stands for.

Thank you Shashi, you are a fantastic person!!!


Filiep, Belgium

elodierenaut said...

Please help us!
We have been to Udaipur a year ago and had a great time at Sashi's cooking class!
She is a fantastic woman and a fabulous cook. But we have been stolen on an overnight train from Varanasi to Kolkata and in my bags were the recipes.
Could you please be able to send us the recipes in english. No one answered me since I sent this message a year ago ...and we really miss the chicken butter masala ;)

thank you so much

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Valerie said...


I am interested by theses cooking classes.

How can I reach Sashi? Does she have an email adress?

thank you!

Anonymous said...


I am interested in taking a class with Sashi. Does she have an email address that I can reserve a class with her?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My friend Steve and I took Shashi's class in January 2011. We had a brilliant time and cooked more than we could eat. Shashi is a warm and inspiring person who is also a brilliant cook. Cooking with her in her own kitchen was a highlight of a 6 week trip around India. I hope I can return one day. Don't miss it!

bertrand said...

thank you shashi!
It was such a great experience that now I also propose cooking classes by the local in Vesailles, France.
The food was really great and shashi was very nice

La cuisine de Bertrand

Tim said...

This was without doubt the highlight of our month in India. Shashi is an excellent teacher, a delightful person and an outstanding cook. We brought back utentsils and recipes to New Zealand to continue our culinery interest in Indian cuisine courtesy of Shashi's expertise. This is a must do! Tim and Brig - NZ

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Peony Kar said...

the pictures reminds me of the spicy and delicious food...
looks like the participants having fun while learning how to cook Indian recipes...

Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Edward said...

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Anonymous said...

We had a guided tour in with Udaipur Magic and owner of Udaipur Magic recommended us Shashi Cooking classes. We enjoyed the cooking lessons